About Us


A very passionate and experienced group of technologists who care deeply about our customers, learning new things every day and turning them to solutions and products.

Who we are

BMI is one of the fastest growing software products and services company that delivers a differentiated customer experience, accelerates cycle times, and helps customers in achieving business outcomes through adoption of new-age digital technologies and integrating them with their existing systems.

BMI management has 25+ years experience. A company that credits its greater than industry average growth pace to its employees. Their belief in the organization that delivers a differentiated customer experience via accelerating the cycle time, in ways that serve our partners a greater than expected return on their investment.



By bringing domain expertise, strategic thinking, and certified talent pool we deliver simple IT technology solutions for complex business issues. With our customer-centric approach and flexible processes, we have been able to create engagement models that drive cost and time reduction in projects while maintaining the highest software engineering standards. BMI provide software solutions and technology consulting services to our clients and help them define their IT strategy and roadmap which helps them improve their business agility, competitiveness, speed to market as well as to reduce development and operational costs.

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